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EMC filters: the right filter at the right place

EMC filters are an excellent tool to enforce EMC compliance.

The question then, though, would be which filter? There are several EMC filters for different applications. The choice is large.

The implementation of EMC filters requires some effort. This is certainly the case now in these economical demanding times where the cost for shielding methods is of equivalent importance as the effectivity of the shielding itself.

In fact, the strive for EMC compliance should not be a search for the correct filter alone, but being a total solution in which shielding and absorption are part as well. Only this way an effective solution can be obtained, meaning: an effective solution granting a competitive edge for the manufacturer.

A specialist whose approach would be such an integrated one has - certainly these times - an advantage. Such an expert is EEMCCOIMEX. EEMCCOIMEX does not focus on EMC filtering alone or shielding or absorption, but on the contrary, on a total effective approach the client prefers.

Those whom wish to contact EEMCCOIMEX may visit their website or complete the contact form.

EMC filter EMC filter EMC filter EMC filter

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ISO 9001:2008

EEMCCOIMEX has been approved for the ISO 9001:2008 certificate by Bureau Veritas.