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EMC Shielding: many views, in the end one single perspective

An EMC shield may have many shapes, in fact literally any shape. However, the choice of material is also a variable. Will it be a metal shielding or a conductive coating? Is there also an option in-between?

An EMC shield does not have a singular meaning. Additionally one has to go to the limits to safe on costs, certainly these days. A minimal footprint of an EMC shield with a maximum shielding against EMI: That is the challenge.

A challenge like that lies ahead of the manufacturer whom markets electronic products. However, this no longer lies on his path alone. The possibilities for EMC and EMI have increased recent years so much that actually an expertise centre ought to be available knowing so much on EMI shielding then just "EMC shielding".

An EMC/EMI expert capable of balancing the ins and outs of the required shielding methods is EEMCCOIMEX from Lelystad. This company not only has experiences and technology available on EMC shields but may also consider filters and absorbers.

To get an impression on their possibilities and capabilities, certainly where cost reduction at EMI plays a role, it deserves a visit to EEMCCOIMEX website or to complete the EEMCCOIMEX contact form.

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EEMCCOIMEX has been approved for the ISO 9001:2008 certificate by Bureau Veritas.