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One EMI shield is not like the other - is this a pity?

Saying EMC or EMI means "shielding". An EMI shield has always been an effective solution in the battle against electromagnetic interference.

EMI shielding is certainly not the only solution. Absorbers and filters are also a likewise and adequate defence, whether or not in addition to an EMI shield.

Now that weight and cost are more and more of a rising importance in the drive for more compact electronic products, a survey of all the options is even more mandatory.

This survey falls apart in several different aspects. Not only the choice between shielding methods like shielding itself but also filtering and absorbers. Also within the range of shielding there are several options for constructing an EMI shield. These choices go beyond the shapes of the shields. A metal case can be an effective EMI shield, but a conductive coating might do the trick as well.

To approach EMI fully and completely nowadays experts are required. A manufacturer of electronic products has, of course, their own expert. However, the complexity of products like the increasing amount of shielding methods require the involvement of external expertise.

A company able to supply this kind of external expertise is EEMCCOIMEX. EEMCCOIMEX prefers to consult clients primarily on the fitted EMI solutions prior to suggest their products.

You may wish to visit the EEMCCOIMEX website or to complete the EEMCCOIMEX contact form.

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