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Magnetic Shielding of increasing importance

Magnetic shielding, the protection against magnetic interference, is becoming increasingly important. Magnetic shielding is the obvious step against the increase of electronic equipment and, henceforth, the increasing causes of EMI.

Against magnetic EMI only one remedy is available: mumetal. Of this material many alloys and qualities are available, all with their own effectivity and application. Next to foil and sheets there are several other options to shield adequately.

With magnetic shielding and all other kinds of shielding two aspects play an important role: How effective can a shield for magnetic shielding be? That comes with a second question: How to achieve a cost effective solution for electromagnetic compatibility?

The first question is, based upon all possibilities per application areas, already difficult to answer. The second question is an even larger challenge.

If you wish to learn more about magnetic shielding and to increase your knowledge on all kinds of EMI shielding options should contact an expert. Such an expert is EEMCCOIMEX. In Lelystad. Let us fill you in by completing the contact form.

Magnetic shield

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