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Thermal management oplossingen zijn er altijd wel

For thermal management (thermal control) EEMCCOIMEX is able to offer a wide range of solutions. These solutions are meant to conquer complex challenges in certain advanced applications of nowadays.

The use of thermal management
Thermal management plays a role in for instance medical equipment and power electronics. These are so-called "high temperature" applications. These applications are becoming increasingly compact and henceforth the increase in thermal management even so more. Solutions in the form of heath contacts and electrodes, but also in heath transfer systems and cooling aids are more than welcome.

What do these products do?
The products offered by EEMCCOIMEX for thermal management take care that heath built up is limited in an efficient and cost effective way.

Do you wish to learn more?
Is thermal management an item playing a role in your company? Would you prefer to handle this more adequately or would you like to learn more about this? Than the best way would be to complete the contact form.

Thermal Management

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ISO 9001:2008

EEMCCOIMEX has been approved for the ISO 9001:2008 certificate by Bureau Veritas.