Our range of filters, ferrite and inductors

Ferrite materials offer frequency dependent magnetic properties. Ferrite is commonly used in applications in which electromagnetic interference is being suppressed. As an electronic component ferrite can be found as frequency dependent impedance or inductance. At power cables and data lines ferrite is being applied to create line filters. Ferrite is also being used to shield components from radiating and inductive fields.

In radio applications ferrite is being used to absorb radio waves. The ferrite tiles are mounted within, for example, an anechoic chamber.


The majority of our inductors are being applied in order to suppress line interferences and increase the immunity against disturbances. Electronics devices are more and more equipped with switching power supplies. Within these PSU’s our inductors are being applied for energy storage and transfer of excitation. These switching power supplies cause switching artefacts that include many harmonics that are send into the power net. These artefacts can be suppressed by using the appropriate inductor or by applying a PFC controller that includes such an inductor.