EMI suppression filters

Our EMI suppression filters are completely integrated filters ready to go for PCB assembly. A single enclosure contains all components, including inductors, capacitors, resistors, etc. These filters are perfect for devices and installations assembled from a collection of standard components and the final assembler is not able to influence the internal electro-magnetic compatibility of the individual components.

We offer filters ranging from 24 [Vdc], 4 [A] for DC motor EMI suppression up to 3 x 400 [Vac], 50 [A] for frequency converters and special applications such as shielded measurement rooms. There are over 200 standard filters. Options can be applied, such as temperature fuses, varistors, reduced leakage current, special connectors and special enclosures.

For optimal functionality the filter is to be placed as near as possible to the disturbance generating device. The leads shall be as short as possible and be kept away from other leads. The filter’s metal enclosure and earth connection are to be mounted using as much contact surface as possible to the metal earth plane.

Applied in set-up combinations or cabinets the filters are to be placed at the entrance of the power line. Try to prevent that cables are routed through the entire cabinet before they are connected to the filter.