Filters for high power applications

Mains power filters for high power applications function as a low-pass filter allowing to pass 50 – 60 [Hz] while higher frequencies are being attenuated. Switching artefacts, such as produced by thyristor circuits, produce a lot of harmonic disturbances over a large frequency range. Our power filters are effective starting from relatively low frequencies, making them suitable for frequency inverter applications.

Our series of mains power filters are designed for effective disturbance suppression of 3-phase networks and are being employed extensively in industrial machinery applications. One of the characteristics of these filters is the use of foil capacitors which, with their self-repair properties, are resistant to high voltage surges. The excellent attenuation characteristics are being reached using high quality current compensation toroid inductors. In switching thyristor applications with countless on- and off inversions you can count on years of highly reliable functioning.