Filters for shielded measurement chambers

A shielded measurement chamber requires deeply filtered feedthrough lines. Our filters provide an antennation of 100 [dB] already starting from 14 [kHz]. The series of filters are 2-line or 4-line where the N-line is filtered as well. In addition, EMP protection is available.

Most commonly these filter are being mounted on the outside of the metal chamber wall. A seamless connection between the filter enclosure and the conductive chamber wall is being established using an extra wide mounting flange. The input- and output cables are being connected internally within the filter enclosure. The lines are being fed into the chamber using a metal gasket.

Our shielded chamber filters have three cavities containing symmetrical -filters. Due to the high-end rod core inductors with large air-gap no saturation occurs and asymmetrical loadsĀ  are of no extra influence. The self-repairing foil capacitors provide a long functional life-expectancy.