Filters for signal lines

A clear signal transmission into a shielded chamber is only achievable with high-grade filters. Our signal filters are being used in medical, scientific, military and other high-end applications.

The range supports a vast variety of applications, such as analogue telephone audio transmission over power lines and data transfer using ISDN and LAN. During the filter selection process one must consider aspects, such as impedance ratios and pass-band characteristics.

Filters that allow the transmission of analogue signals are being selected by their pass-band characteristics. The circuits have been designed as a symmetrical double-. Large surface foil capacitors provide excellent high-frequency characteristics. The self-repair function takes care of fast isolation-recovery after an overvoltage peak. In addition the filters can be expanded with protection against EMP.

Digital (square-wave) signals contain a a large number of harmonics and therefore their filters require a somewhat wider pass-band characteristic and reduced capacitive load. The circuits are being built with triple -filter. A standard ISDN filter comes as a four-wire bus system. Larger systems contain up to 250 lines per cabinet from which each line has its own, free of choice, filter type.