PCB components
Impedances and inductors

EMI can be caused by, or influence any component on a PCB. Ferrite components are cheap and easy solutions for filtering EMI. A wide variety of impedances and frequency ranges offers the designer many possibilities to filter power connections and data lines.

We supply our ferrite components as “through-hole” versions and as “Surface Mount” components, ranging from 0201 to 3312. Depending on the design, the components are available with DC impedances ranging from 4 – 10 [mΩ] allowing a current of up to 10 [A] and peak impedances of 3 – 5000 [Ω]. These components can be supplied as a single unit, but most of them are available as an array version as well.

Common mode EMI suppression

Our ferrite common mode chokes have been designed for EMI suppression of power- and data lines in which high currents, small package and high performance is being required. We supply monolithic common mode chokes that suppress EMI on conductors such as PCB traces and high speed I/O lines.

Differential mode EMI suppression

Our multi-line ferrite arrays form an inexpensive solution to establish differential mode EMI suppression within limited space. We offer rigid through-hole and SMD components having a wide application area. Having a very low DC impedance these components are characterized up to 10 [A] while forming a filter against switching artefacts and peak currents.