Our range of radiation measurement equipment

In order to perform quick and efficient field measurements on magnetic fields, electric fields and other types of entities we offer versatile handheld measurement equipment. Our generic modular system is to be equipped with plug-and-play sensors offering a tremendous combined measurement range. Its firmware is being kept up-to-date using the PC interface.

Multiple sensors can be connected simultaneously while being sampled using the 16 bit A/D converter. A series of data storage modes can be selected in order to provide more efficient data reduction. Using a PC the collected data can be analyzed as well.

Overview of available sensors:

  • Fundamental units like digital signals, voltages (AC/DC), current, resistance, frequency, etc.
  • Electro-magnetic fields being either static and dynamic electric or magnetic fields
  • Temperature, humidity, pressure. Temperature via thermocouple and PT-100, Air and substance humidity, pressure
  • Gas: oxygen concentration, carbon monoxide and many more
  • Chemical units: acidity, redox value, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and many more
  • Flow: in gasses and liquids via anemometer and thermo-anemometer
  • Light, sound: light output, sound pressure
  • Radioactivity: alpha, beta and gamma radiation
  • Special sensors: any other measurable entity or unit, developed upon request


Using our new pocket sized meter, fields are being measured in the frequency range of 10 [Hz] up to 400 [kHz] using a resolution of 1 [nT] and 0.1[V/m]. During a measurement peak-hold and threshold-alarm functions are at your disposal. Its internal memory of at least 1 [GB] and a sample interval adjustable from 0.25 – 60 [sec] the meter can be used as a compact data logger as well. The intuitive software provides you transparent management over your data.