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EMI filter: please, but the optimal choice then

An EMI filter is an excellent solution to combat EMI. The technology supporting EMI filtering are well balanced and very effective.

In the same time there always is the question: How far is such a filter really necessary? Are there also other solutions reducing costs quicker than by EMI filtering consisting of capacitors and chokes?

Here the total complexity related to EMC and EMI surfaces. Translating this into an integrated solution is the real challenge. EMI filters play their role here, but certainly not the only one.

Probably shielding could be sufficient, being a metal shielding or the use of conductive coating. Maybe additionally some absorbers. Nevertheless, an EMI filter could very well be the adequate solution, optionally supported by other means of shielding.

Now, when the costing aspects are growing in importance in the careful balancing of any EMC suppression the internal expertise in electronics or electro technical products often is no longer sufficient. Additional expertise might be required.

Those whom wish to broaden their EMI scope then just EMI filters may find it worthy to consider the services of EEMCCOIMEX. EEMCCOIMEX is a supplier of the whole range of shielding methodology. The company made it to their USP to give excellent consults on all forthcoming EMI/EMC options.

You may wish to visit the EEMCCOIMEX website or to complete the EEMCCOIMEX contact form.

EMI filter EMI filter EMI filter EMI filter

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