Quality in Electronics

E.E.M.C. B.V. (“Elektronische en Elektro Mechanische Componenten”) exists since 1977 and is nowadays located in Lelystad. We are mainly known by our trade name “EEMCCOIMEX” being a reflection of our past and wide market experience.

EEMCCOIMEX imports its products from the USA and Europe and supplies these to its clients in Europe with a focus on the Netherlands and Belgium. We also produce several products to comply with specific customer requests. This is done in close cooperation with experienced Dutch partners in order to be able to offer our clients a short lead time. Many of our fast moving products are being stored in a strategic quantity in our facility.

We have built up a lot of experience during many years and are being supported by our principals and their product specialists. This enables us to offer our clients product and application training. This can be done in your as well in our facility in Lelystad. The choice is yours.


We are suppliers of electronic parts (“components”) which are meant to improve the functioning of electrical and electronical products in its environment. This is for immunity against incoming interferences (radiated and conducted) as well as emission (generated disturbance radiation). To achieve an improved thermal housekeeping in electronics we supply a wide range of thermal conductive products, even customized parts. For users of high voltage we have a product range in relays, switches and accessories available. For special purpose hermetical sealed connectors and feed throughs are also available.

Test- and Measuring Equipment

EMC test- en meetapparatuur voor IEC-, militaire-, automobiel- en telecomproducten kunnen wij ook leveren. Daarnaast is een uitgebreid programma aan HF vermogensversterkers tot 40GHz, meetontvangers, spectrum analyzers en veldsterkte apparatuur verkrijgbaar. Om een complete testomgeving in te richten kunnen wij deze als turn-key project leveren. Voor een beter inzicht in uw product hebben wij een programma aan vector netwerk analysers en software. Ook de hoogspanningsgebruiker kan bij ons terecht voor voedingen en test- en meetapparatuur. Wanneer er geregeld geschakeld moet worden tussen apparatuur of sensoren dan is een breed programma aan matrix schakelsystemen aanwezig.

EMC test- and measuring equipment for IEC-, military-, automotive- and telecom products can be supplied as well. Next to that we have a very wide range in RF power amplifiers up to 40GHz, measurement receivers, spectrum analysers and field strength equipment available. For analysing your products we supply a VNA and RF analysing software. Also the high voltage users can be accommodated with special power supplies and measuring and test equipment with accessories. If you require to switch often between equipment and/or sensors we offer a wide range of matrix switches and systems.


Software is also available in our program. We supply a suit able to calculate and analyse electromagnetic fields. Another suit controls and manages EMC test- and measurements with documentation for reporting. Finally we can offer an RF CAD software package.

ISO 9001

EEMCCOIMEX is ISO 9001 certified by BVQI since 1999. We follow and maintain the developments of ISO 9001 and we comply to the very latest versions of it. For us it is important that our clients know that our work processes are in good order and are being strictly followed to ensure compliance for our clients. Our policy is available in our office after consultation to relevant parties.