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RF absorbers, sole defender or an extra line of defence

RF absorbers may play a first role in the defence against EMI or any additional role thereafter.

Maybe shielding alone is not sufficient and an extra shield might be required by means of an RF absorber. Maybe shielding is impractical or expensive and an RF absorber might just do the trick.

It is always of importance to find the optimum mix to fight against EMI. That fight becomes increasingly important because of the increasing amount of electronic products with more and more functionality, higher clock rates and lower operating voltages - and more transmitting parts.

This mix might consist of shielding, filtering and absorbing. An adequate knowledge of this technology will lead to an optimal combination of shielding counter measures, also for costing aspects.

RF absorbers always play a central role at every consideration. While shielding not always might be sufficiently effective then filtering might be too expensive. RF absobers are available in all kinds of materials and sizes. EEMCCOIMEX knows RF absorbers for microwave and RF, compounds and specials for chambers. EEMCCOIMEX has specialized in a complete line of RF absorbers.

By combining all sorts of absorbers at one address EEMCCOIMEX ensures their clients an adequate choice. This is very important when battling against EMI. You may contact EEMCCOIMEX by completing the contact form.

RF Absorber Absorber

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