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RF shielding as part of a complete solution

RF shielding is a very important method to fight electromagnetic interference.

When RF shielding can change EMI into EMC then it is a well-deserved victory. Sometimes such a shield will not be effective enough and additional countermeasures are required. Maybe absorbers are needed, or filters are necessary to achieve EMC.

Whatever: RF shielding is usually the starting point in the battle against EMI. RF shielding requires expertise, not only for the materials but also in the shapes and other aspects of these products.

Like the fight against EMI is challenging, solid knowledge in the fields of EMI and EMC is mandatory. Certainly when cost plays a here as well. Not only a technically perfect solution but also an economical perfect solution is required.

EEMCCOIMEC is fully aware of the financial pros and contras as well as technical merits of RF shielding. This is the case for a product (PCB?) as well for separate components. Whether it is about emission, immunity or crosstalk, the company prefers to offer the choice between more than one solution.

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RF Shielding Shielding

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