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Soft-shield: easy to apply, quickly EMC-effect

Soft-shield is a range of products to effectively block EMI with metalized-jacket-over-foam profiles for almost any product. These profiles are rather easy to incorporate in products.

Electromagnetic interference becomes more and more present, whether we like it or not. The increase in electronic (handheld) equipment and the increasing functionality per device leads to an increase of EMI.

As to conquer EMI quickly and easily, one developed the Soft-shield product line. Soft-shield products are profiles of metalized jackets over a foam core in many different shapes and qualities. These are very easy to apply without additional tools or parts. In addition to that they combine excellent contact specifications with (very) low closure force and excellent resilience.

The Soft-shield line is a very effective one, not only for EMI shielding but certainly also for cost saving. Other options, like filtering or absorbers may be of importance as well.

As to obtain a good overview of all EMI-shielding possibilities, including Soft-shield, it is recommended to contact an external expert. A company like EEMCCOIMEX not only sells the whole diverse range of shielding products, but positioned itself as a company giving you a complete picture of EMI protective means available. From that perspective it will become clear how to incoprporate Soft-shield profiles. Should additional protective means be required than EEMCCOIMEX will be pleased to assist you further.

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