Our range of absorber materials

Already in the 1930s research was being performed on materials that could absorb electro-magnetic radiation. Now, more than 80 years later, we´re able to supply a broad range of materials that are capable of absorbing and controlling RF energy.

The microwave absorber products are being applied in, for example, free space applications, such as reflection attenuation and insertion loss as well as in confined space applications, such as cavity resonance suppression, microwave terminations and attenuators.

Microwave absorption materials

Our absorbing materials have proven their effectiveness in a wide frequency range up to 90 [GHz]. The products are available as flexible foam, flexible elastomer and solid shapes. Naturally, in addition to the standard materials, customer specific properties can be added. We have the facility to die-cut the materials into any required shape, simply customizing it perfectly to your specific application.

Absorbers for shielded chambers

Most electronics engineers are aware of the functionality of a Faraday cage. It keeps internal radio waves inside the enclosure and keeps external radio waves outside the enclosure. For this reason sensitive measurements are being performed inside the enclosure. Nevertheless, inside the enclosure E-field radio waves are being reflected at the walls due to which undefined field strength patterns arise. By applying radio absorber materials at the walls the radio waves aren’t reflected anymore resulting in a defined measurement chamber.