Our range of emission measurement equipment

Measurement of spurious emissions produced by a device will be performed on all “ports”. These ports comprise of course the wiring, but the enclosure is considered a port as well. We therefor distinguish the measurement of emissions in the categories “conducted emissions” and “radiated emissions”. Each method is defined by its particular frequency area and measurement equipment.

Conducted emissions

Undesired (switching artefact) signals can distribute themselves using a conductor such as a power line or signal cable. Unfortunately, these conducted emissions can spread themselves (functioning as an antenna) into the surroundings creating the risk that the resulting unwanted radio waves are being injected into the wiring of other devices. The European standard EN55022 describes a device’s maximum limits of produced spurious signals into its wiring.

EEMCCOIMEX offers the equipment to measure these signals fast and accurate. The most prominent components used in a conducted emissions measurement are:

  • LISN (Line Impedance Stabilization Network)
  • Pulse limiter (for the protection of the measurement receiver)
  • Measurement receiver
  • Faraday cage (optional)
Radiated emissions

Measurement of radiated emissions is a delicate job taking into account many details. The number of components and transducer (tables) in the measurement circuit as well as the measurement environment is of utmost importance. The most prominent components of the radiated emissions measurement set-up are:

  • Anechoic chamber, semi-anechoic chamber, G-TEM cell
  • Turn table
  • Antenna mast
  • Measurement antenna
  • Cabling
  • Pre-amplifier
  • Measurement receiver


The exact composition of your measurement set-up fully depends on your situation. Would you like to perform a fully accredited type-approval measurement or will a pre-compliance measurement suffice? Is the size of the devices to be measured mostly the same or is there a large size variety? Would you like to use a part of the equipment for the purpose of radiated immunity testing as well? What is the available space? What is the budget? These are the kind of question we will ask you so we can offer the most adequate solution.