Our range of immunity test equipment

Testing a device’s immunity against external electro-magnetic influences is being performed on all “ports”. The ports comprise of the attached wiring, but also the enclosure is considered a port. We distinguish immunity testing in “conducted immunity” and “radiated immunity”. Each method is defined by its particular frequency area or pulse shape and measurement equipment.

Conducted immunity

Usually an immunity test set-up comprises a generator being able to produce intentional disturbances and a coupling network taking care of the disturbance being coupled into the cable. But there is more to that. The geometry between the generator, coupling network, the device under test and ground planes has been described in the various applicable standards. In order to protect the surroundings from the generated extremes of the test itself, everything is set-up in a Faraday cage applied with the appropriate filters in the power supply lines.

Some of the test standard families for which we supply the appropriate immunity test equipment are:

  • IEC
  • IEC / EN
  • ISO
  • ITU-T
  • ANSI
  • Belcore
  • FCC
  • FNN
  • IEEE
  • Various manufacturer norms

We represent a variety of manufacturers, distributing generators, CDNs, (injection) current probes, absorbing clamps, shielded environments, filters, etc. Please, feel free to contact us in order to evaluate the possibilities and opportunities.

Electro-static discharge

A device’s immunity against electro-static discharges (ESD) is being tested using a ESD simulator. Within such a simulator a charge is being built up to a high Voltage. The discharge through a defined discharge network is initiated using a trigger (contact discharge) or by approaching the product (air discharge).

Choosing the most appropriate simulator will depend on your application. In most cases a ESD-gun up to 16.5 [kV] and a permanent discharge network of 150 [pF] / 330 [Ω] will suffice. Naturally we can offer a very versatile simulator up to 30 [kV] in which every thinkable exchangeable discharge network can be mounted as well.

A dedicated ESD simulator is available for ESD testing of electronic detonations in automotive applications such as an airbag. This simulator is specially designed for the EN 13763-13, ISO 10605 Automotive and the military VG 95378-11.

Magnetic fields

Magnetic fields are being generated by conductors through which an alternating current is flowing. The common 50 / 60 [Hz] power net is an example and the same will be valid for other frequencies as well. An electronic device which is placed within a strong magnetic field might be affected by it. A commonly known example would be the old fashioned cathode ray tube monitor.

Immunity testing against magnetic fields is being performed using a generator, an amplifier from DC – 250 [kHz] and a Helmholz coil. We supply equipment with an integrated generator, amplifier and spectrum analyzer. Using our equipment you are able to perform both immunity tests and magnetic field measurements.

Naturally, our scope of magnetic field test- and measurement equipment includes “Van Veen Loop” antennae and a variety of products in order to calibrate magnetic field measurement equipment.

Some families of standards for which we supply test- and measurement equipment are:

  • EN
  • IEC
  • ISO
  • MIL
  • A variety of manufacturer standards.
Radiated immunity

Testing of a device’s immunity against strong electric fields, both high frequency as well as pulsed, is usually performed using an antenna and a source which is able to deliver high power. The electric fields generated during such a test are strong enough to influence nearby devices and radio communication. Therefor the tests are being performed inside a shielded chamber. Only a Faraday cage will not suffice. Inside the cage the radio waves are being reflected and the field strength on a specific location cannot be defined anymore. This is being solved by an anechoic chamber in which the radio waves are not being reflected.

We supply a full program of:

  • Amplifiers
  • Antennae
  • Anechoic chambers
  • Anechoic materials
  • Peripheral equipment

A special option we offer is a TEM and a GTEM-Cell. Such a cell is ideal for testing the immunity of a medium or small sized device. This pyramid shaped enclosure functions as a waveguide. On the inside a homogeneous electric field arises. The advantages of a such a cell are its compact size compared to an anechoic chamber and only a fraction of the RF power is required in order to reach the appropriate field strengths. And of course, not unimportant, the lower expenses.