Current probes

Our current probes are split-core type. Application of these current probes is extremely simple.

Measurement current probes

Our relative compact and lightweight measurement current probes are being calibrated individually. This provides you stable and reproducible measurements.

In the frequency range of 20 [Hz] – 1.5 [GHz] the products are available for dynamic measurement ranges of 0 – 70 [A] up to 0 – 600 [A].

Injection current probes

Using our injection current probes high frequency currents can be injected inductively into a conductor. Conducted immunity tests can be performed using these. Our injection current probes are being supplied with a N-type connector.

In the frequency range of 10 [kHz] – 1 [GHz] the products are available for handling maximum continuous power ranges from 0 – 50 [W] up to 0 – 200 [W].

Current probe fixtures

In most test procedures involving current injection the current probe fixture is part of the required test equipment. We offer several current probe calibration fixtures allowing the user to quickly and easily calibrate the current probe prior to the compliance testing.