Emission measurements and immunity tests using an antenna are usually performed in both polarities. In order to change an antenna polarity in a simple manner one can chose to do it automated. Using optical fiber communication a motor rotates the antenna within 5 – 10 seconds over 90°. Especially within a (semi-) anechoic chamber a lot of labor and risk for damage is reduced.

A step further is our fully automated antenna mast. Controlling the mast takes place remotely using an optical fiber connection. The antenna is automatically ascended or descended and changing polarization is being performed the same way.

Our fully automated antenna mast is an essential element during emission measurements in a semi-anechoic chamber. Usually a measurement includes the use of a turn table on which the EUT is placed. We supply software in which the antenna mast, turn table and measurements receiver are running a combined program performing the entire emissions measurement autonomously.