Our range of control- and analysis software

If applicable, our test- and measurement equipment is being supplied including factory software. This software offers all basic requirements concerning the control of the equipment and possibly analyzing and processing the test- and measurement data.

Whenever a test- or measurement set-up is being composed out of equipment supplied by a variety of manufacturers it would be welcome to control the entire set-up from one single software package. This is available at EEMCCOIMEX.

Our automation software controls a very wide spectrum of modern EMC emission measurements and EMC immunity tests using any available equipment on the market. In addition it offers all functionality for the control of your equipment, activities and registration for the purpose of EMC lab reporting.

Seven reasons to integrate our software:

  • One software for all your equipment
  • One software for all standards
  • One software for all your electrical and EMC tests and measurements
  • Advanced functions for equipment management and monitoring in your entire laboratory including equipment’s history and calibration documentation
  • Automated reporting
  • On-site training and integration
  • If necessary, a team of specialists is at your disposal