Our range of mechanical components

You need to deliver a product being electro-magnetically compatible with the outside world while simultaneously you need to be assured of the used component’s reliability. In order for you to reach your targets EEMCCOIMEX cooperates with specialized first-class manufacturers of, amongst others, spring finger contacts, metal bellows and high vacuum connectors.

Die-Cut Precision Parts

We are able to supply you with large and small quantities of metal parts which have been die-cut, kiss-cut and bended into shape. Our products distinguish themselves by the very high precision with which they are produced. Due to the very high precision it is possible to produce very small metal parts as well.

In addition we are able to have die-cut sheet parts being laminated into subassemblies that can be found in, for example, transformers and electric motors.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Vacuum components

Our vacuum components are being fabricated using very sophisticated technologies. In order to join (non-similar) metals technologies are being utilized, such as explosion welding, vacuum soldering, diffusion welding and laser welding. The dielectric material that is being used is a self-developed ceramic. This ceramic binds to metal alloys making it as a dielectric material superior to, for example, glass.

Metal Bellows

Metal bellows are thin wall cylindrical components. Their surface is corrugated perpendicular to the cylinder axis. The thin walled corrugated structure makes the bellows very flexible in axial and lateral movement directions without angle deformation. Meanwhile they are pressure resistant, hermetically sealed, temperature and corrosion resistant and do not lose their torsion stiffness. When one or multiple mechanical deformations are to be compensated, our metal bellows are the preferred solution, for example:

  • As pressure and temperature resistant enclosure for valve shafts
  • As current breaker in high voltage installations
  • As flexible termination in pumps and pressure-accumulators
  • As flexible pressure and temperature resistant sealing element in modern full injectors and glow plugs
  • As mechanical couplers
  • As tight spring element in sliding ring seals
  • As tight and mechanically stress free channel in a container wall