Our range of high frequency equipment
Spectrum analyzers

Practicing radio and EMC engineering the spectrum analyzer is considered “the eyes of the engineer”. With the introduction of hardware that is fast enough to digitize and perform a fast Fourier transform in a reasonable transition time the entire analyzer market has moved on to digital analyzers. Our analyzers are of the fast Fourier type as well. On special request we still have the possibility to supply the (old-school) analog scanning spectrum analyzers.

Vector network analyzers (VNA)

Our Voltage Network Analyzers are PC driven using a USB connection. In the frequency range of 300 [kHz] up to 8 [GHz] they are very versatile. One of the reasons are the bias-tee’s followed by internal couplers that can be bypassed. This offers the possibility to characterize high power devices as well.

The hardware is accompanied by versatile software being able to perform many functions such as, for example limit lines, de-embedding, time domain representation, functions from memory, etc. In combination with the comprehensive signal generator the analyzer offers many functions, such as for example the determination of an amplifier’s 1 [dB] compression point.


In the cases of immunity tests, the amplifier is a crucial part of the test set-up. One of the arguments an amplifier is selected upon, is the required output power it needs to deliver. Most suppliers will simply sell you the maximum output power. We specify the more objective maximum linear output power. This is the output power without the addition of distortion of the signals when being kept beneath the 1 [dB] compression point.

We offer a wide range of amplifiers. These can be high power, medium power or low power and operate very wide band, wide band, or in a narrow band around a certain frequency. Our amplifiers have found their way into EMC/EMI and radio laboratories, commercial applications and many (airborne/naval) military EW and ECM applications worldwide.