Our range of matrix switching- and distribution systems

In the frequency range of DC – 40 [GHz] we represent an extensive range of products concerning:

  • Switching systems
  • Switching modules (including VCI and VME)
  • Distribution systems

Examples of applications areas where our equipment is being used, are:

  • Telecommunication
  • High frequency microwave
  • Video and audio
  • High power

The modules and systems are applicable for:

  • AC/DC power switching
  • Audio
  • ATE instrumentation
  • Composite video
  • SD & HD
  • HF, RF and IF signals
  • High resolution RGB+HV video
  • High speed RS-422
  • LVDS
  • PECL or ECL digital
  • Mobile telephone systems
  • L-band, C-band

Other frequency bands from 3 up to 40 [GHz]


Our modules are switching according to an 1 x N array where, depending on the application, 2 ≤ N ≤ 64. Control takes place via the connector pins of the DB-25P interface. They can be applied as standalone modules and they can be installed in a Model U11600 chassis having an integrated power supply and a control system.

Matrix switching systems

Our switching systems relay 1 x N or M x N. Depending on the application 1 ≤ M ≤ 1024 and 1 ≤ N ≤ 1024.

The base of the system is being formed by a rack with integrated power supply and control system. The system is able to function standalone using a touchscreen interface for local control. Naturally the system can be remotely controlled, using Ethernet/USB/RS232/RS4xx. The generation using a C3 controller provides a build-in web browser.

The rack can be equipped with the modules of your choice. The amount of connectors can be selected at wish and it is even possible to interchange various systems/connectors.

Distribution systems

Modern satellite communication, automated test systems and broadcast applications require reliability and stability. An extensive development program resulted into the C3 controller, forming the hart of our relay and distribution systems.

The C3 controller has been provided with Ethernet, USB and Multi serial (RS-232C, RS-422A & RS-485*) ports for remote control and automation. Protocols, such as SNMP (ver2), IPv4 and IPv6 are standard embedded. Repeatedly used connection schemes can be saved and recalled using the embedded flash memory. In a situation where system settings require special security or secrecy a micro-SD card can be applied.

* If so needed we offer a GPIB-USB adapter for systems requiring a GPIB port.

Complex systems can be supplied with two C3 controllers. Within the system these controllers are hot-swappable providing uninterrupted redundancy. Using this system, critical applications not only feature a redundant controller but in addition a redundant set of control channels is added.

Using the embedded web browser the set-up is very uncomplicated and without the use of any additional software. The user can control a single or multiple “switch boxes” simultaneously. Just by selecting it, it is being controlled from the menu. GUI colors, channel labelling and configuration is all definable by the user.

Our additional software is “RouteWarePro”. A standalone software dedicated to the control and monitoring of our relay and distribution systems. The software has been designed for ease of use and most of the users are able to familiarize themselves within a few minutes.