EMC and mechanical seals

The performance of Parker Chomerics electrically conductive elastomers in demanding applications has proven itself over a long time.
These can be easily incorporated into a design, possibly with the help of our design guide. They are therefore a cost effective solution for EMI shielding and mechanical protection.

There are various shapes, dimensions and basic materials, for example:

– CHO-SEAL 1285
An electrically conductive silicone elastomer for general use as EMC shielding with good mechanical protection against dust and moisture in the environment

– CHO-SEAL 1287
Fluorosilicone-based also provides improved mechanical shielding and is resistant to kerosene, for example

– CHO-SEAL 1298
Is highly corrosion resistant in salt / mist exposure.

Of course there are many more possibilities and features: electrically conductive elastomers with nickel-plated graphite particles are somewhat cost effective than the materials containing silver.
Chomerics also offers specific EMC elastomers for automotive, medical and military MIL-DTL-83528 applications.

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