Cable ferrite
Round cable, solid core ferrite

Our cylindrical EMI suppression ferrites form an inexpensive method to reduce common mode and differential mode EMI. These ferrites are being applied at internal and external electrical equipment’s wiring. By reducing the EMI, which is radiating from the wires, the expenses for the total screening solution of the equipment’s enclosure are being reduced. They can be applied at both power cables and data cables.

In order to achieve optimal EMI suppression, a ferrite core is being selected of which the inner diameter fits as tight as possible around the outer diameter of the wiring. The cable impedance will increase drastically when the cable is lead though the ferrite a second time. A typical common-mode application is being created by letting the two conductors share a ferrite core. The two equal currents are guided in opposite direction and form zero net current as maximum impedance is being achieved.

Flat cable, solid core ferrite

Our rectangular EMI suppression ferrites are a simple and cost effective solution to reduce common mode EMI on flat/ribbon cable. These ferrite cores are commonly applied at internal date lines. By suppressing the EMI as close to the source as possible costs can be reduced on the shielding of the overall system.

All cable, split core ferrite

Sometimes it is just easier to apply a ferrite after the cable is assembled. For these cases we offer the “split core” variant. A split core ferrite is held together by a lightweight plastic enclosure which is simply “clicked” around the cable. The excellent performance is comparable to that of a solid core ferrite. We have the split core ferrites available for both round and flat cables.