EMC / EMI feedthrough filters

Feedthrough filters form a cost efficient solution to eliminate conducted and radiated disturbances. Our feedthrough filters are characterized by their solderless installation. The advantage is that the internal inductors and non-conductive isolation materials are not being exposed to thermal extremes due to which a more compact design is utilized.

The filters offer a high insertion loss over a wide frequency band. They are easy to install and offer a cost effective solution for EMI suppression, especially in systems having multiple in- or output connections.

A large variety of filters are available for nominal currents ranging from 0.5 – 500 [A]. The DC and AC feedthrough filters are designed for voltages ranging from 24 – 1000 [V], 50/60 [Hz]. The designer can easily select the most economical and technically rational solution for the application. Modified versions are available for systems working at higher frequencies, such as 400 [Hz].