Click measurement receivers

The DDA55 is a 4-channel digital “Discontinuous Disturbance Analyzer” or “Click Analyzer” fully compliant with CISPR 16-1-1, provided with Peak and Quasi-Peak detectors on the fixed frequencies 150 [kHz], 500 [kHz], 1.4 [MHz], 30 [MHz] and optionally Japanese VCCI 550 [MHz]. The quasi peak detectors have been designed such, making it possible to measure fully compliant to the EN55014-1 without having to use an additional oscilloscope for the time domain.

The DDA55 has been constructed around an integrated PC architecture running Windows™ Embedded OS. The advanced software for EMC measurements, provided with pre-selectors, offers a large dynamic range and accurate click-measurements. Naturally, remote control operation using an external PC is amongst the possibilities.

The DDA55 has an integrated self-calibration system. The integrated impulse generator produces the complete set of single and multiple disturbance pulses in the various timing and phase shift configurations as prescribed by the CISPR 16-1-1.

The DDA55 is more than just a GO/NO-GO tester. The click analyzer is an advanced analyzer able to investigate when, where and why a “click” occurs. When the measurement finishes all data is available including markers and zoom functions. Amplitude-against-time characteristics of both peak and quasi-peak detectors can be recalled on any artefact.

The user friendly and powerful software is offering all measurements, standard or custom, to be executed simple and fully automatic.