Faraday cage

A Faraday cage is a shielding chamber with electrically conductive walls, floor and ceiling. The outside of the chamber will reflect radio waves. On the inside of the chamber the sum of the electric field distribution will cancel itself out at the perimeters, leaving no residues on the outside of the chamber. Therefore no radio waves can be transported inwards or outwards the chamber.

The construction of the metal chamber is relatively uncomplicated. Nevertheless, the construction of a radio wave impenetrable door, window, ventilation panel, power- and signal feedthroughs are for specialists.

Our product program includes:

  • Faraday cages
  • Mobile Faraday cages
  • Shielding doors and access panels
  • Shielding windows
  • Shielding ventilation panels
  • Special measurement chamber feedthrough filters for standard power, high power and signal lines