Measurement receivers

The new digital EMI measurement receiver models FFT 3100 and FFT 3300 ranging from 30 [MHz] to resp. 1 [GHz] and 3 [GHz] are fully compliant to the international standard CISPR 16-1-1. For the very fast emission measurements the FFT scan mode is being used. The compact sized receivers can be controlled locally and remotely. The equipment is provided with IF-output, all necessary pre-selectors, advanced software and all detectors including the new CISPR-Average and CISPR-RMS.

Specially designed for the lower frequency area we offer the FFT 3010 and FFT 3030 working from 9 [kHz] to resp. 30 [MHz] and 300 [MHz]. Due to the cost effectiveness of these receivers it’s possible to just leave them at, or integrate them permanently into a measurement set-up saving a lot of rebuild time and risks during the (pre-) compliance measurement routine.