Handheld models

Using our handheld spectrum analyzers you can go out and challenge any situation. Rather it is about spectrum monitoring, radio measurements, troubleshooting, EMC tests or Wi-Fi and wireless network measurements, our measurement equipment perfectly performs reliable and quick measurements.

Low frequency sweep models

Especially for the very low frequency domain our equipment program includes a handheld analyzer for the measurement of electric and magnetic fields. In the frequency range of 10 [Hz] up to 400 [kHz] E-fields are being measured of 0.1 – 5000 [V/m] and H-fields of 1 [pT] – 100 [µT]. The analyzer includes both an internal data-logger as well as an USB interface. Software updates can be uploaded into the flash memory via the internet. The series have been extended with analyzers functioning in the frequency range of 1 [Hz] – 30 [MHz] measuring E-fields of 0.1 [V/m] – 50 [kV/m] and H-fields of 1 [pT] – 20 [mT].

RF sweep

Using our handheld spectrum analyzers in the frequency range of 9 [kHz] up to 9.4 [GHz] with a noise floor of -170 [dBm/Hz] you can pick up the smallest signals. Having a 1 [ms] sampling time this analyzer is extremely fast. In addition to the internal data logger this analyzer can be controlled via USB. The comprehensive software is being supplied at no charge.

RF real-time

Our handheld spectrum analyzer having integrated the newest “shifted polyphase” filter technology is extremely fast in the frequency range of 9 [kHz] up to 20 [GHz]. Within 20 [ms] the entire frequency range up to 20 [GHz] is being scanned. Using the 800 x 480 touchscreen monitor a variety of simultaneous views can be displayed and controlled. Signals, distinguishable above its noise floor of -170 [dBm/Hz], can be either:

  • Stored into its internal memory
  • Being processed by the analyzer itself
  • Being processed by the comprehensive software on an external PC with USB connection