Light and flexible EMI covers for displays

The PSC Solaris-Shield display screens are a special group electrically conductive panes used to protect systems against EMI and / or emissions. This can prevent that unwanted data is collected or manipulated from the outside via the display screen of the system. It is a special application of these screens keeping sensitive information from IT systems. But there are also applications in the vicinity of trains, with strong electromagnetic fields.
The electrical conductivity is caused by highly transparent, very fine black mesh which is incorporated in the acrylic. Since this construction is not laminated it cannot delaminate and is more suitable in environments with sunlight and / or pressure differences such as in aviation.
The light construction is somewhat flexible so that it can also be used well in portable devices.
The windows are available with a scratch-resistant layer, in various colors, with anti-glare and anti-reflection coatings and with a combination on refractive indices.

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