EMI shielding with spring contacts

For large enclosure applications such as large drawers and doors, like those used in shielded rooms. Some profiles available in 25-35ft coils.
Parker Chomerics beryllium-copper (BeCu) and stainless steel EMI gaskets combine high levels of shielding effectiveness with a broad deflection range and low closure force properties. The spring finger wiping action can also help to reduce oxide build-up at mating contact surfaces when the gasket is used in applications demanding repeated openings and closings. The excellent performance qualities of beryllium-copper, including: high tensile strength, extreme operating temperature range and superb electrical conductivity, make it an ideal material for EMI shielding over a broad frequency range. For applications that are mechanically less demanding, stainless steel gaskets offer good tensile strength, extreme operating temperature range and good electrical conductivity. Stainless steel gaskets have higher compression set than BeCu, when used in demanding applications.

The BeCu shielding gaskets are available in four Parker Chomerics standard finishes: clean and bright (unplated), zinc / clear trivalent chromate, bright nickel and bright tin. These four finishes are RoHS compliant. Stainless steel gaskets are only available with clean and bright (unplated) finishes.

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