EMI shielding ventilation covers

Parker Chomerics offers various types of ventilation covers for optimal air flow in combination with shielding against EMI:

* The Cho-Cell grids offers low air resistance, combined with a high degree of shielding due to the large open area of the honeycomb and the combination of the cell size ratio and plating of the honeycomb.

* The Omni Cell grids are constructed from two layers of honeycomb placed orthogonally on top of each other to eliminate polarization effects. The construction is chromated. It offers a cost effective alternative to the Cho-Cell construction as it is not plated. It does result in a deeper grille, which favors the shielding but also causes a slightly higher air resistance.

* The VIP covers are used for low air velocity systems and offer EMI shielding combined with a higher level of dust protection at the air inlet side. These can be used with a non-liquid oil coating that is easy to clean.

A combination of foam filters and grids is also possible to further improve air filtration.
Parker Chomerics air vent covers have been thoroughly tested and have proven themselves in aerospace and demanding industrial and military systems.

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