Our range of high frequency related components
Coaxial components

We supply all kinds of:

  • Networks
  • Baluns and transformers
  • Bias Tees
  • etc.
Waveguide components

We supply waveguide elements complying to all standard waveguide dimensions. In case you require a non-standard waveguide element, just feel free to give us a call.

We supply all kinds of:

  • Waveguide elements
    • Standard waveguide
    • Waveguide to waveguide adapters
    • Waveguide bends
    • Waveguide 90° twisted
    • Flexible and twistable waveguide
  • Waveguide feedthroughs
  • Waveguide attenuators
  • Waveguide termination loads
  • Waveguide phase shifters
  • Waveguide shorts
  • Waveguide barrier element forming a physical barrier between waveguide elements so a pressure gradient is possible and preventing contamination from, for example liquids
  • Waveguide valve and pressure gauge element. For pressurizing or vacuuming the waveguide
  • Mechanical waveguide switch
  • Waveguide ‘T’ elements
  • Directional cross-guide coupler:
    • With or without terminated port
    • With coax port and terminated port
    • With multiple outputs to waveguide or coax
  • Multihole couplers having waveguide- or coaxial output
  • Standard gain horn

In the cases of immunity tests, the amplifier is a crucial part of the test set-up. One of the arguments an amplifier is selected upon, is the required output power it needs to deliver. Most suppliers will simply sell you the maximum output power. We specify the more objective maximum linear output power. This is the output power without the addition of distortion of the signals when being kept beneath the 1 [dB] compression point.

We offer a wide range of amplifiers. These can be high power, medium power or low power and operate very wideband, wideband, or in a narrowband around a certain frequency. Our amplifiers have found their way into EMC/EMI and radio laboratories, commercial applications and many (airborne/naval) military EW and ECM applications worldwide.


The majority of our inductors are being applied in order to suppress line interferences and increase the immunity against disturbances. Electronics devices are more and more equipped with switching power supplies. Within these PSU’s our inductors are being applied for energy storage and transfer of excitation. These switching power supplies cause switching artefacts that include many harmonics that are send into the power net. These artefacts can be suppressed by using the appropriate inductor or by applying a PFC controller that includes such an inductor.

To select the perfect coil in your design we advise you to contact us.

RFID absorbers

RFID-tags that are mounted onto metal or a liquids container will not function properly or not function at all. For some products it is inevitable to place the RFID-tag onto a metal or in close proximity to a liquid. We offer a specially designed elastomer sheet material that is to be placed in between. This causes the RFID-tag to function properly and to be detected by the system.